When is an IME necessary?

An IME is often necessary to determine the validity of a short-term or long-term
disability claim, decide whether treatment has been appropriate, and determine
appropriate interventions.  IME's are also necessary in personal injury claims.

A forensic neuropsychology expert performing an IME presents quantifiable,
data driven information about the relationship between brain damage  or injury,
and the behavioral or cognitive consequences that are related to the  legal  
proceedings.  Scientific tests assess the status of cognitive functions such as  
memory, intellectual ability, attention, concentration, mood factors,  and

Dr. Olafsson has provided IME's and neuropsychological evaluations throughout
Florida since 2002.  He has provided neuropsychological testimony in civil and
criminal cases in Orange, Seminole, Hillsborough, Collier, Lee, Brevard, Duvall,
and Miami-Dade counties.  

Neuropsychology is the study of the relationship between the brain and function
including reasoning, behaviors, learning, memory, reading, writing, emotions,
and various cognitive and behavioral functions.  Neuropsychological testing and
evaluations provide a method of measuring neuropsychological function and its
interplay with behavior.

Results of neuropsychological tests are organized into cognitive domains that  
are accepted by the scientific community, providing a useful and functional way
to consider a person's cognitive abilities. Most evaluations  include
consideration of the following factors:

Attention and concentration

Perceptual and spatial abilities

Memory and learning

Sensory Perceptual and Motor skills

Language and communication

Reasoning, problem-solving, and judgement

Emotion and Personality

Executive abilities such as planning, organization, and  initiation

Malingering and Exaggeration

This provides the professional in the legal setting a straighforward, objective
way to discuss problems caused by mood disorder, brain injury, toxic exposure,
or other factors.
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