Why seek a Fitness for Duty Evaluation?
Employers seek Fitness for Duty Evaluations (FFDEs) when they need to make
administrative decisions based at least in part upon an employee's
psychological/cogntive status.  This can occur when employers need to decide:
a) how to protect their workforce, b) whether to make accommodations for
employees, c) how to manage problem behaviors, or d) how to address
performance issues.

Why not have the employee's treating doctor perform the FFDE?
In the past, employee's treating doctors have both treated their patients as
well as offered legal opinions to their patients' employers about dangerousness
and/or ability to work.  This practice is now often considered unethical
because, rather than being neutral, treating doctors can have strong biases in
favor of their own patients.  Furthermore, treating doctors frequently do not
have the training to conduct FFDEs in a manner designed to withstand the
scrutiny of court.

Why should I use Neuropsychology Asssessment Service, Inc. for FFD
Neuropsychological evaluations stand up in court! The examination protocol
promotes consistent, comprehensive, and objective evaluations that ensure
employees are treated fairly. A Fitness for Duty Evaluation can provide
concrete information about psychological problems such as depression,
anxiety, and confusion, that affect your employee's workplace performance and
behavior.  Evaluations are schedules quickly and reports are returned within
five days.
Fitness for Duty Evaluation